Anonymous said: What would make you return to glee? How should it change for you to start this blog again?

Glee would have to get its shit together.

Which, i mean, it’s unlikely. but it could happen.

(really, it doesn’t have to do with klaine, it has more to do with storylines and character development and stuff.)

Anonymous said: I miss you. And I feel like crying...

Aw, anon, I’m not gone from tumblr completely. I still have another non-fandom blog and you never know, I could return to glee. maybe. someday.


I know I’m behind the curve, but it’s signed so I ain’t complaining! I’ll be back whenever I finish reading it.

We, we, we so excited!

  • Mum: [knocks on door]
  • Me: [wakes up from nap]
  • Mum: Chris Colfer was on Good Morning America!
  • Me: Oh.... I guess I missed it, then.
  • Mum: No, I recorded it for you, you can watch it while you have breakfast!

conversations with my six year old cousin...

  • Tasman: What are you putting on?
  • Me: Deodorant!
  • Tasman: Mummy and Mumma have deodorant!
  • Tasman: What are you doing now?
  • Me: Picking out clothes!
  • Tasman: Mummy and Mumma have clothes!
  • Mum: I hope Kurt and Blaine never break up. You'll be heartbroken.
  • Me: I've stopped watching the show. So in my universe, they never break up.
  • Mum:
  • Me: My plan is FOOL PROOF!

so today my friend Megan and I went to the mall and bought friendship necklaces like the 9 year olds we are

I guess our friendship is legit now

  • Mum: Who did Cain and Abel marry?
  • Mum: How did they have kids?
  • Dad: They were gay and adopted.

I just want to respond with a link to the “nice guy” section of the feminist wiki, but I won’t. Because I know what’ll happen to ME if I do. I’m just going to stay away from him at work.

this is why I love going on facebook so much.


“You… coat me, Nutella. And this dessert shelf is just an excuse to spend more time with you.”

Yesterday at work, a four year old girl solemnly asked me if birds follow me around when I sing. I guess I looked confused, because she said “you’re a Disney princess, aren’t you?”

Sometimes I love my job.

furnicotti replied to your post: furnicotti replied to your post: I was reading a…
oh okay not really my thing but i’m glad you liked it :D?

yeah I get that, dude. but yes. it was good and made me flap my hands.

uhhhh that gkm one where Kurt and Blaine are soulmates but it’s also a D/s au and Kurt’s the dom and Blaine’s the sub and Blaine is Kurt’s substitute teacher.

I was reading a fic and I was really happy with how it ended so I threw my hands in the air and made a “meep” noise

and my 15 year old brother who was walking past looked at me as if he was in pain and said “Pikachu!” in Ash’s voice